December 14, 2021 – Ottawa – KWESST Micro Systems Inc. announced that a top global defence contractor has signed a Master Professional Services Agreement with KWESST to support the development of digitization solutions for future Canadian land C4ISR programs under Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy(1)

Under the Master Agreement and initial order, KWESST will assist in the development of an initial prototype system that networks soldiers with information from various sources in real time, including location of friendly forces and adversaries, and facilitates more effective, coordinated fire.

“This capability is similar to the kind of solution we provided to a key U.S. military customer under a contract now in the final stage of delivery,” said Jeff MacLeod, KWESST founder, president and CEO. “Situational awareness information like this, provided in real time, keeps soldiers safer and makes them operationally more effective, two key goals of future soldier programs throughout NATO.”

The first orders are for delivery over the course of 2022 by KWESST’s Digitization business unit. “This work is an important showcase precursor for Canada’s next-generation Land Command Support System (LCSS) for various procurements planned under Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy and Canada’s Joint Fires Modernization Project, which will enable tactical, operational and strategic fires and effects information to be shared through a digital network in near real-time. This capability will enable instantaneous sharing of the common operating picture including targets, friendly locations and command and control information,” said MacLeod, who added, “We are of course very pleased to be selected for this important positioning project, which leverages our core expertise in the integration of tactical systems for dismounted soldiers.” 

The capability to be developed under the present order includes information exchange between applications on the same device and between applications on different platforms, in particular for “joint fires.” Joint fires is the coordinated and integrated employment of all weapon platforms delivering fires (includes land, air, naval delivered indirect fires) to achieve the required effects on ground targets to support land operations in the full spectrum of conflict. It encompasses the integration of indirect fires and effects in order to influence the adversary forces, installations or functions.

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