July 2023 – The Department of National Defence (DND) has awarded NP Aerospace Canada the Land Equipment Program – Engineering Technical Support Services Contract (LEP-ETSS) following a competitive tender.

The contract will run for up to five years. NP Aerospace Canada is the prime contractor, forming a strategic alliance with Marshall Land Systems Canada and with support from specialist suppliers and testing facilities. Partners include Militex Coatings, Valcom Consulting Group, Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute, Ontario Tech University, Motor Vehicle Test Centre, managed by PMG Technologies, and the National Research Council Canada – Automotive and Surface Transportation.
NP Aerospace was selected due to the company’s expertise supporting large military fleets, including the UK Ministry of Defence Protected Mobility Engineering and Technical Support (PMETS) vehicle contract valued at over CAD$100 million and covering more than 2,000 vehicles until up to 2030. NP Aerospace Canada has also supplied significant contracts to DND over the past 10 years, including the CAD$33 million CM735 combat helmet contract as well as various body armour contracts.

The LEP-ETSS contract covers research, testing and evaluation, engineering and prototyping, fabrication, technical investigations, the provision of field support representatives and equipment management and documentation services for military equipment. The contract will be led out of NP Aerospace Canada’s facilities in London, Ontario and supports growth of Canada’s key industrial capabilities (KICs) and military exports, building links with academia and Indigenous capabilities and communities.

“The Land Equipment Program contract is a significant capability enabling contract for Canada’s DND,” said James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace. “It will allow the Canadian fleet of land equipment to be incrementally and continually improved, at pace, to keep up with technology and demanding user requirements. The contract further strengthens NP Aerospace’s strategic position in the North American market utilising enhanced land equipment capabilities working in partnership with proven industry partners.”

Jessica Bland, General Manager, NP Aerospace Canada, stated: “Our Canadian business will lead the program working with Marshall Land Systems and the wider NP Aerospace capabilities team and I look
forward to delivering positive outcomes from the program over the coming months.”

NP Aerospace has led complex military platform integrations for more than 20 years having worked with leading global defence organisations including the UK Ministry of Defence on platforms such as the Cougar fleet used in Afghanistan and Iraq.