July 7, 2022 – Ottawa – KWESST Micro Systems Inc., a developer of next-generation tactical systems for military, security, and personal defense markets, has been awarded a three-year contract by CounterCrisis Technology Inc. to design, develop, and implement a significant component of a national Ground Search and Rescue Incident Command System (GSAR ICS) for Public Safety Canada. Under the contract, KWESST and CC-Twill create a Search And Rescue (SAR) planning, operations management, and situational awareness service that incorporates a custom SAR plug-in application for ATAK.  ATAK is increasingly the preferred software system throughout NATO for enabling real-time shared situational awareness.

“In partnership with CC-T, we are very pleased to have won this bid with Public Safety Canada, following an extensive competitive process,” said Rick Bowes, VP of Digitization and Counter-Threat Products at KWESST.  “This is significant beyond the modest dollars involved since it further validates KWESST as the go-to company for integrated tactical level situational awareness information systems, including ATAK, for both military and public safety operations, and will showcase our capabilities to other potential customers.  When soldiers and responders all have the same information in real time the result is a safer and more effective operation, whatever the mission.”

The GSAR ICS project announced today is a version of KWESST’s advertised Critical Incident Management System (CIMS) for the public safety market (https://kwesst.com/critical-incident-management-cims/). CIMS puts situational awareness information into the hands of responders on their smart phones or tablets in real time from any source including drones.

The contract awarded to KWESST is valued at approximately $678,000, net of in-kind contributions of approximately $76,000, over three years with services to commence in July 2022.