The Canadian Armed Forces has awarded ADGA Group Consultants a contract extension for modelling and simulation support.

The MODSIM contract is performed by ADGA’s Training & Simulation Engineering Centre (TSEC) in Kingston, Ont., and involves support to the Canadian Army for exercise constructive simulation, management of the Land Command Support System (LCSS) simulation baseline, simulation development activities for LCSS mobile domain and communications, and program and lifecycle management.

ADGA has been providing the Army simulation systems support for over a decade. The MODSIM contract was originally awarded in 2015. The new deal extends the contract by a year to 2021.

“We continue to innovate our modelling and simulation capabilities through our own commercial development of simulated systems for the Department of National Defence and defence contractors via our new medium-low fidelity reconfigurable Fulcon simulator framework, to be used for armoured vehicle crew gunnery training as well as space robotics based applications in the future,” ADGA said in a LinkedIn post.