Burlington, Ont.-based NP Aerospace, a world leading armour technology manufacturer and vehicle integrator, is responding to the challenge for industry and UK Ministry of Defence to achieve safety, efficiency and innovation across vehicle platforms, via a collaborative approach.

This follows the award of a £63m MoD contract to NP Aerospace for vehicle Protected Mobility Engineering & Technical Support (PMETS) in January 2019. This contract covers the MoD’s fleet of 2,200 Protected Mobility Vehicles until 2024, including Foxhound, Mastiff, Wolfhound, Ridgback, Buffalo, Choker, RODET, Jackal, Coyote and Husky. The PMETS program ensures they are upgraded to the highest standards and remain ready for combat.

Pictured Left to right: James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace, Robert Mohacsi, Senior Commercial Manager, Defence Systems, HORIBA MIRA, Colonel Daryl Hirst, Head of Operations Support, VST, DE&S, Rickie Nixon, Head of Operations, VST, DE&S, Dave Clark, Market Director, Aerospace and Defence, Atkins, Stephen Preston, Director, Interactive Technical Solutions (ITS), Brigadier Anna-Lee Reilly, Head of Vehicle Support, DE&S, David Petheram, Chief Operating Officer, NP Aerospace.

At the contract award, Major General Colin McClean stated: “The Protected Mobility fleet has been hugely important for defence over the last 15 years, saving numerous lives on operations. It is vital that we continue to invest in our battle-winning capabilities, ensuring that they are always ready for training or operational purposes.

“Given its significant role now and in the future, I am pleased we are partnering with NP Aerospace to deliver this contract”

NP Aerospace is the lead vehicle integration and engineering authority on the program, working closely with all of the vehicle OEMs and in collaboration with the following partners: Atkins – Systems Safety Partner; HORIBA MIRA – Vehicle Engineering and Test Partner; and ITS – Integrated Logistics Support Partner.

James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace, said: “Having NP Aerospace centrally managing the collaborative programme and the full fleet of vehicles creates efficiency through component and system commonality. We are delighted to report that we, together with our PMETS partners, are already meeting Major General McClean’s challenge. We look forward to applying this experience to our future innovative work with MoD and our other customers around the world.”

Dave Clark, Market Director, Aerospace and Defence, Atkins, said: “As Systems Safety Partner on the PMETS programme, Atkins is ensuring that all tasks needing modifications undergo relevant safety and hazard checks, feeding into platform safety cases. We are also bringing our world class engineering expertise to MoD innovation projects.”

Robert Mohacsi, Senior Commercial Manager – Defence Systems, HORIBA MIRA,commented: “HORIBA MIRA brings world-class vehicle engineering and extensive test facilities to this programme. We make certain that every PMETS upgrade or development undergoes rigorous testing and meets all-encompassing safety and certification criteria.”

Stephen Preston, Director, Interactive Technical Solutions (ITS),added: “Our role in the programme is to deliver tailored ILS solutions including technical publications, training and engineering support. We will also provide a high level of quality with a proactive approach to each requirement and are fully conversant with MoD capability needs and governing policies.”